MAD et LEN | Eau de Parfum | Red Musc 50ML

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Petits Papiers Eau De Parfume from MAD et LEN.

  • Unisex fragrance, hand made in France from aged essential oils.
  • Red Musc features transparent musk with fresh, slightly sour nuance and sandalwoody undertone. Vermillion- the brilliant red pigment made from the mineral cinnabar, a pigment essential to the art and decor of Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and ancient India and China. Red Musc captures the essence of vermillion in scent form, a brilliant and incandescent musk with subtle intensity and poise. Glowing embers and a light booziness cradle the musk in an intense but controlled flame, hovering off of the skin, seductive and purposeful. A skin scent for someone who doesn't believe in skin scents.
  • Black glas bottle to filter UV and protect the perfume.
  • 50ml with spray applicator and pipette dropper. 
  • Handmade in France.

PLEASE NOTE! Due to international regulations for shipping perfume containing alcohol, we can NOT ship perfumes to outside the European Union.


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