MAD et LEN | Eau de Parfum | Black Musk 50ML

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Black Musk Eau De Parfume from MAD et LEN.

  • Unisex fragrance, hand made in France from aged essential oils.
  • With notes of musk, florals, wood bark and amber, the Black Musk scent is mysterious, seductive and haunting. Black Musk ushers us into a dreamlike plane of existence where deep, dark forests radiate curious warmth and rich, ambered musks entice us with ominously narcotizing pleasure.
  • Black glas bottle to filter UV and protect the perfume.
  • Comes in handmade Iron metal case.
  • 50ml with spray applicator. 
  • Handmade in France.

PLEASE NOTE! Due to international regulations for shipping perfume containing alcohol, we can NOT ship perfumes to outside the European Union.


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