MAD et LEN | Bougies Apothicare (350g) | Darkwood

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Darkwood scented candle from MAD et LEN.

  • Made from vegetal wax and infused with pure organically aged essential oils.
  • Deep, intense and saturated with smoke, Darkwood is a frigid autumn night on the trail made warmer with a crackling campfire. Subtle, soft wood under an herbal fougere. Notes of leather, Fougere, ebony wood and burned bark. Slightly sweet and totally mysterious.
  • Black iron candle vessel, created entirely by hand from french metal craftsmen artisans and burned black.
  • 350g with a burn time of around 85 hours.
  • Composition: Soy wax, bees wax, cotton wick & perfume.
  • Handmade in France.
  • Measures 7,5 * 9cm.

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