Sosnovska is a conceptual dark avant-garde clothing brand which is focused on a graphical aesthetic vision and high quality production. Founded in Belarus and still with all production in-house, Sosnovska is a brand that explores geometry and interpreters artisanal classic craftsmanship to create it's own aesthetic. There is a certain raw energy to their designs which complements and contrasts the refined tailoring and choice of high quality natural fibres.

    Each element in the garments is created with a balanced and deep sense of purpose and performed with a meticulous attitude for visible and hidden details. The selection of modern fabrics and materials while using accurate and invisible hand work, has influence on the strong silhouette. Only absolute discipline and focus on the creating process and respect for the craftsmanship, provokes the correct result. It engenders a special vision into the creations and forms a strong foundation for the aesthetic philosophy of Sosnovska.