Salvatore Santoro

    Each Salvatore Santoro’s creation is conceived by Salvatore Santoro, the owner of the company and a designer with over ten years of experience in leather manufacturing industry. He coordinates the design team that has the task to study and create the brand collections. A young and creative team that, under his precious guide, expresses great technical skills and aesthetic sense.

    The brand is based on research. At first, a research of the most fashionable trends and styles, which designers reinterpret by creating garments that are surprisingly modern, though with an artisan style, able to develop incredibly natural and soft forms and volumes. The research achieves levels of excellence in the selection of materials, fine leathers and furs, always exclusive and often original raw materials. This is how jackets for men and women and highly refined bags, characterised by modern lines and unparalleled workmanship, are created. The research then becomes experimentation, thanks to the special processes undergone by garments.

    Carefully conceived processes, brand new treatments that give garments a unique look, reveals a fascinating and enchanting worn out aspect and a great value as only leather is able to convey. Every activity in the company follows the famous artisan principles of Made in Italy, which ensure the highest quality and exclusivity of each creation by Salvatore Santoro.
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